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The horses in the Knights of the Grail program are all drafts. Draft horses are the largest horses in the world and include Percherons, Belgians, Clydesdales, Shires, and more. Percherons were bred to be war horses in the Middle Ages. That means they have attitudes! Belgians are ideal carriage horses, calm and strong. Both of our Belgians are rescues. That is, we bought them from kill pens and have now created meaningful and joyful lives for them.

On average it costs about $250 a month to care for a healthy barefoot horse. Sadi wears shoes and that bumps the number up by about $100. Please follow the links below to provide one time or recurring donations for the upkeep of these lovely animals.

Image Boreas is named for the Greek God of the North Wind. Boreas is a 23 year old 18.2 HH (6’2” at the withers) Percheron gelding. He is so tall, we sometimes joke that Boreas is half giraffe. Boreas is even tempered and reliable but he really hates to be away from the mares, particularly Sadi. One more thing, if you are ever near Boreas, stand ready to be used as a scratching post.

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Image Rock is a 17 year old 17 HH (5' 8" at the withers') Belgian gelding. He arrived to the Knights of the Grail program in January 2018. Rock spent many years as a carriage pulling horse and the Knights of the Grail have a notion to continue that history by having him show patrons the beautiful grounds of Sherwood Forest Faire. Rock is incredibly calm around people and is quite de-sensitized to sudden loud noises. He will likely be a key participant in the Chivalry Class at Sherwood Forest Summer Camp.

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Image Sadi was the first horse to make Sherwood Forest her home back in 2010. She is the Queen’s “spirit horse.” Sadi is a 23 year old 16.3 HH (5’7” at the withers) Percheron mare. Let’s be clear, she is the boss! She is so stubborn, she can out stubborn the Scots! Sadi wants to go where Sadi wants to go, which is typically underneath low hanging limbs when there is a rider on her back. Even so, Sadi is always a solid competitor in the Joust Games at Sherwood Forest Faire.

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Image Sgòdach Banrigh is Scots Gaelic for Proud Queen. She arrived into the Knights of the Grail program in January of 2018. Sgò, as we call her, is a 18 year old 17 HH (5' 8" at the withers') Belgian mare. And what a beauty!

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